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Manjaro Wiki'ga xush kelibsiz!


Lists most of the articles in the Manjaro wiki.

Hamma foydalanuvchilar mhwd haqida bolishi shart

These articles explain the uses of Manjaro HardWare Detection (mhwd), a unique Manjaro method;- being ignorant of the use of mhwd will cause you trouble.

Getting Started


Ko'rib chiqish

Learn about this fast, powerful, and user-friendly Linux distribution.
Frequently Asked Questions about Linux and Manjaro.
Why you will never need to re-install Manjaro.


Keep up with the latest news and developments.
- The Official Manjaro Forum
- Manjaro Brasil - em Português
- Manjaro Forum Francophone
- Manjaro Forumu Türkiye
Additional direct support for Manjaro users.
A crowdsourced collection of Manjaro related content
A crowdsourced collection of Manjaro related content


Where to find the latest and greatest 32 and 64 bit releases.
Check your Manjaro download for errors in Linux and Windows.
Burn Manjaro to CD/DVD or USB Stick in Linux and Windows.
Installation and partitioning guides for beginners and experienced users.
If your machine's motherboard runs UEFI/EFI you should read this guide.
These files can save an enormous amount of time when reinstalling or installing a new distro.

Yangi foydalanuvchilar bo'limi

Manjaro yangi foydalanuvchimisiz? Ko'rib chiqish uchun shu joydan boshlang!

Sozlash va moslash


Yuklash / Ishga tushirish

Install, configure or even bypass LXDM, SLiM, KDM, and GDM. ~ Carl
- Install New Display Managers ~ Carl
- LightDM: Enable Auto Login ~ Carl
- LXDM: Customisation ~ Carl
- Openbox: Auto-Login for Window_Managers ~ Handy
- SLiM: Customisation ~ Carl
Easily customize GRUB2 with the Grub-Customizer GUI tool.

Desktop Environments

  • General
- Compiz Fusion and Emerald Install! ~ Carl
- Getting File Managers to work properly in Window Managers ~ Carl
- Getting Window Managers to work properly ~ Carl
- Install New Desktop Environments and Window Managers ~ Carl
- Change the colours of your GTK+ themes ~ Handy (NEW! 14-August-2013)




A desktop not officially supported or provided by the Manjaro Repositories.
- Install MATE and the Mint Menu (0.8.3 Release) ~ Carl
- Auto-Login without a Graphical Desktop Manager & with Systemd ~ Handy
- Brightness, Controlling Using the Keyboard ~ Carl
- Lal Clock & Trayer, adding ~ Handy
- ob-autostart - a simple GUI for auto-starting files in Openbox ~ Handy
- Volume, Controlling Using the Keyboard (ALSA) ~ Carl
The standard desktop for Manjaro



Enable Proprietary Driver Support for AMD Graphics Cards.
Configure graphics cards, manage kernels, and identify hardware using MHWD.
- Overview, Manjaro Hardware Detection ~ Carl
- Graphics Card Configuration ~ Carl
- nVidia Settings, Loaded on Startup ~ Handy
- Kernels for Manjaro ~ Carl
Add and configure printer(s).
Install the necessary software and enable printing.

Tarmoq / Internet

A time saver or two, plus great info on Block Lists.
Some security - mostly user configuration customisation.
Various security settings & strategies.
Solve the Windows using Local Time Problem .
Some users get their DNS or nameservers overwritten in resolv.conf on boot, using resolvconf.conf will prevent this..
Use a mouse and keyboard across multiple machines & operating systems.

Dasturiy ta'minotni boshqarish

A guide for gaining new mirrors for Manjaro, & for those who can manage their own.
Various ways to deal with orphan packages, includes an easy method for removing any number of chosen files be they orphan or just unwanted.
Used in Manjaro 0.8.3.
Use Octopi to update your system, install, and remove software.
Use the Terminal to update your system, install, and remove software.
Used in Manjaro 0.8.3 to manage your system and software.
List of essential commands for Pacman & the most popular Pacman wrappers.
Articles on changing repositories, servers, and accessing the AUR.
- AUR - Arch User Repository ~ Carl
- Custom Mirrorlist Creation ~ Handy
- Different Download Server Usage ~ Carl
- Rankmirrors to Set the Fastest Download Server ~ Carl
- Rankmirrors Script to Optimise Pacman Database ~ Handy
- Testing Repositories Usage ~ Carl
- Unstable Repositories Usage ~ Carl
Good policy & tools to enable quick system recovery from problems caused via an upgrade.


A summary of some of the most popular.
A quick & dirty how-to for ripping many formats of movies.
Use Virtualbox in Manjaro, and Manjaro in Virtualbox.


Extend the battery life of your laptop with the PowerTOP diagnosis tool.
Implemented in Manjaro 0.8.4, this fix will benefit users of earlier releases.
Makes life just that little bit more interesting...
For correct system time/date, turn on NTP (Network Time Protocol) &/or set your Timezone (locale).
Activate click on tap, and vertical and horizontal scrolling on your touchpad.
An introduction to the management of both Systemd's Journal & syslog-ng's /var/log/*log files.


The standalone dedicated Linux Firewall that runs on junk .
Speed up your web browsing & increase your privacy with Squid .
Securely access daemons running on your server via SSH Tunnels .
Add another layer of security to your internet usage .
Set up your personal machine or setup a secure Tor server for your network .
Set up your machine to use multiple different MAC addresses in an effort to protect your privacy .


Boot / Startup

Can't boot Manjaro? You may be able to repair rather than reinstall!
The solution for a problem that affects certain computers that use JMicron chips.


This how-to works for watching videos & Youtube, with the closed source driver at least


Two possible solutions for an issue that affects some users of the XFCE desktop environment.
The solution for an issue that particularly affects some makes of laptops.
A quick test in the Terminal.

Software Management

A relatively common problem explained and easily solved.
An explanation and solution for a problem encountered by some newcomers.
An explanation and solution for this software authentication issue.
An explanation and solution for this rare issue.
Solutions to deal with pamac issues on updating your system.
A solution to solve updating issues for installations of Manjaro 0.8.0.

Wiki tahrirlash

How to create an account, and the dos and do-nots for Wiki contributors.
(Most) Everything you need to know to create, edit & format a wiki page.
Full user guide on every aspect of Wiki authorship and maintenance.
A simple overview where the existing boxes aren't sufficient.