How to create a new Wiki Page

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Create the link

First of all you need to create a link for the Wiki page that you want to create.

To do that, on the main page, click on edit in the section that you want to create the Wiki page, and create the link for your page by looking at the other links already present there and similarly making your own.

For example to make this page, I went to the Wiki editing section and clicked on Edit.


Then I added the link to my topic by looking at the other links and similarly making my own.


After that click on the Save Page button on the bottom to save.

Now your link will appear on the main page.


Create the page

Now that the link has been created, we need to create the page as well. Click on the page link to actually create the wiki page.


Then you can enter your text to create the page.

After creating the page, click on the save button to save changes to the page.

To do that you would need to find the output of

date -u +%WLinux|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g'

and paste it in the required toolbox. This is done for security reasons.

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