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The Manjaro Settings Manager offers you a series of settings, which are either enabled by Manjaro (i.e. installation of multiple kernels) or are missing from at least some of popular Desktop Environments and Window Managers.

Manjaro Settings Manager is under development and might offer even more settings than illustrated on the left.



The system language can be added, changed, and removed in this window.

If you want to have different languages for System, individual user and the Linux console, read how on Locale



This window enables the user to easily manage and change all available kernels for Manjaro. Running and installed kernels can be easily identified. Read more on the Manjaro Kernels page.

Time and Date


Some Desktop Environments do not offer an easy way to edit time and date (i.e. XFCE). This window enables the user to do that.

Hardware Detection


This window offers an easy way install free/non-proprietary/open-source and non-free/proprietary/closed-source graphics card drivers by the click of a button.

If Manjaro did not install a wireless network card driver during installation, it can be installed here as well.